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Important Announcement for Wellsville Campus

Hello church family,

As some of you may remember, last year when we announced that we would be opening up a new campus in Arcade, our former youth pastor Bobby Carpenter had just recently moved onto another ministry position.  The governing board decided rather than rehire a youth pastor, we needed to seriously consider hiring a campus pastor/associate pastor for the Wellsville Campus. We thought this was an important decision because of the extra leadership needed to transition to Arcade.  However, this decision was made with the intention that if Arcade’s parsonage were to ever sell, that we would take the money from the parsonage and rehire a youth pastor when the time came.  Well…this email is to let you know that the time is now here!

We are excited to announce that since the parsonage sold last December we are now officially in the process of looking to rehire a full-time youth pastor for the Wellsville Campus!  The best part about this is, because of the parsonage fund, we are able to provide a full-time salary for two years without touching our budget.

Why, you might ask, is this coming from the Arcade parsonage sale?  Good question.  When we originally made the proposal for our district grant, we asked for two things.  1.  Money for Arcade staff (part time Campus Pastor and part-time support staff) AND 2. Money for a Wellsville Campus Pastor because I would be gone for a season of time helping plant the Arcade campus.  Unfortunately, the district gave us money for Arcade staff but not for Wellsville staff.  The district executive committee rather gave us permission to sell the parsonage in Arcade in order to cover the cost of other needs such as additional Wellsville staff.  We felt that if I (Jeremy) was going to be stretched thin across three campuses that it was important to provide pastoral care specifically to the people in Wellsville since I wouldn’t be there for a time.

It’s important to note, that while we are hiring a youth pastor, this person will also have other responsibilities at the church just as our previous youth pastors had.  I.E. we are looking for a youth pastor who can do multiple things.  Their job will be divided between youth and something like worship (to help Hannah, not replace her), and/or media (to take some responsibilities off my plate in regards to media).  The other full-time staff oversee multiple areas and so it is important that this position do the same as well.

We are excited about the opportunity that God has provided and look forward to the much needed leadership that this position will bring not only to Wellsville, but across all campuses.  If we are able to find someone who is skilled at media for example, they will be a huge asset to the church on Sunday mornings and throughout the week that will benefit ALL three campuses.

If you’re a parent you might be wondering what will happen to our current youth staff?  Another good question.  Both Janet and Dakota were hired on a very limited part-time basis (basically 10 hours a week, each).  Since Dakota is graduating in May and moving away, his position will be dropped.  It is our intention that if the right person is found with additional skill sets (like media or worship) that Janet will stay on as the middle school youth director which will help the new person focus on their other responsibilities while giving full attention to the high school ministry.

Please join us in prayer.  Pray for God to provide just the right person.  We already have two people interested and we’re in the very beginning stages of making contacts. Pray for wisdom as more resumes come in that we would make the best decision for the longevity of this position and the church.  We would really love to see someone who could establish roots here in Wellsville and pour into our teenagers for the long run.  As many of the parents know, this is a sensitive area since we’ve had two youth pastors leave after just one year and so we are being extra cautious and prayerful about this specific hire.

Thank you for your prayers and continued support.

God Bless,

Pastor Jeremy


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