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New Service Times Starting on Mother’s Day

Hello CrossTown Family.

We want to give you a heads up regarding an upcoming change in service times

The Wellsville Campus will be switching from two services to just one service for the late spring/summer months.  We will more than likely go back to two services starting in September.  The switch to one service will begin on Mother’s Day, May 10th.  The one service will be at 10:30am.

WHY:  We typically switch to one service at the beginning of the summer anyways.  This year however, we want to make the switch starting on Mother’s Day.  By going to one service during the timeline of the launch of the Arcade Campus, the service will be fuller, will have more energy, and will be a more welcoming environment for our guests.

Please keep in mind that the switch to one service this early in the year is not typical, but since Houghton Students will be leaving us for the summer, and several of our regular attendees are now part of the Arcade launch team, and the sermon is being delivered via video for the next few months, we thought this was the wisest decision to make at this time.

Again, just to clarify, for April 26th and May 3rd, Wellsville will have services at 10 AM AND 11:30 AM.  THEN, beginning May 10th, we will have just one service, starting at 10:30 AM.

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