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Be a Superhero — Become a VBS Volunteer!

For those of you who are fairly new to CrossTown, our VBS (Hero Headquarters) is one of the biggest ways for us to reach out to the community.  We started Hero Headquarters a few years ago at the Wellsville campus.  I can remember the first year, Pastor Jeremy stressed the new for as many people as possible to be involved.  I think he said that we needed at least 50 volunteers.  I thought he was crazy!

I grew up with the traditional VBS and later on helped out with the same type of VBS.  We were lucky if we had 20 people involved.  At best, we had 100 kids attend.

During the first year of Hero Headquarters, I soon realized the need for many volunteers.  The church was physically transformed into a superhero environment.  Skits, music, crafts, and Bible stories were well planned.  And of the biggest changes, instead of a snack, we actually provided dinner for the kids!  Much of the food was provided by the community and by the church family.

Each year, we’ve seen attendance increase for Hero Headquarters.  Each year, we’ve seen a good number of kids accept Christ as their savior—now that’s super exciting!  On the final night of Hero Headquarters, the parents are encouraged to attend the final closing.  I enjoy watching the expressions on their faces as they enjoy watching their kids sing and participate in the games.

This year, Hero Headquarters will expand to the Arcade and Olean campuses.  I truly encourage you to get involved.  Not only will you be a huge blessing to the kids, but you’ll soon discover that the kids will be a huge blessing to you.  I also encourage people to help out with more than just one campus, if possible—especially those of you who already have experience with our Hero Headquarters.

What are the areas to help out with?  

Open/Closing Coordinator – organizes skits, song orders, etc,  Functions as the MC.

Attendance Coordinator – updates attendance each night and maintains a database.

Registration Coordinator – prepares the necessary paperwork, including name tags, for sign-ups and registration.

VBS Store Coordinator – makes sure there are enough prizes for each night, sets up the store each night and works with the registration coordinator regarding tickets for the store.

Dinner Coordinator – coordinates dinner volunteers leading up to VBS.  Oversees the meals for each night.

Nursery Care Coordinator – contact and schedule nursery workers for each night of VBS.

Song Leaders – will assist the worship leader in leading our VBS music, helping with hand motions, as well as getting the kids singing.

Characters – act as the mascots for our VBS, greeting kids and making them feel welcome.  Characters are also a part of  any opening and closing skits we may have.

Station Leaders (Need to be available every night of VBS)

  • Crafts – organizes and prepares a craft for each night of VBS for the kids to work on.
  • Games – organizes and prepares games for each night of VBS for the kids to play.
  • Bible Story – organizes, prepares and teaches a lesson for each night of VBS.

Powerpoint Person – runs the computer for the opening and closing times, which includes mainly the lyrics for the songs.

Sound Person – runs the soundboard for the opening and closing times.

Greeters – welcomes parents and kids.  Assists parents in filling out registration forms.

Registration Helpers – sign kids in and handout name tags.

Group Leaders – are in charge of supervising a group of  8-15 kids as they go from station to station, as well as during the open and closing times.

Preschool Leaders:

  • Teacher – organizes, prepares and teaches a lesson for each night of VBS.
  • Games – organizes, prepares and leads a game for each night of VBS.
  • Crafts – organizes, prepares and teaches a craft for each night of VBS.
  • Helpers – assist the preschool leaders and work with the preschool attendees 

Dinner Servers – help serve dinners to the kids.  Preference is to be available each night of VBS.

Nursery Care Workers – help watch the little ones of our VBS volunteers so that they can focus on their tasks.

VBS Store Helpers – assists the VBS store coordinator in setting up the VBS store and supervising kids as they exchange tickets for prizes.

Photographer – takes pictures each night at VBS, as well as individual pictures for follow-up cards.

As you can see, there is a new for a lot of volunteers.

We realize that some people aren’t physically able to help out.  However, you might be able to help provide some of the food (i.e. chips, water, watermelon) and we certainly need people to pray, pray, pray.  Thus, Hero Headquarters really needs to involve as many of our people as possible.

Lastly, please be praying now for Hear Headquarters.  Please pray…

  • that we will have enough (or more than enough) volunteers
  • for the preparation of each Hero Headquarters
  • that all the details will be worked out
  • that God will begin to work in the hearts of the kids who will be attending
  • regarding your participation in helping out with Hero Headquarters
  • for our pastors.  They will be putting in a lot of extra hours which means time away from family.  Pray that enough people will be helping out at each campus so that our pastors aren’t having to wear multiple hats that week, and the weeks leading up to VBS.

I personally have helped out with the attendance and registration each year.  It’s been fun working with other CrossTown people and getting to know them better.  And I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing happy little kids be excited about the characters, or pizza or getting to go to the VBS store.  So, I hope you’ll join us this year and let’s provide the best Hero Headquarters possible!

Blessings ~

Barb Bergerson

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