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Demonstrating Joy, Kindness and Goodness

I’m excited about Pastor Jeremy’s new message series, “On the Farm”.  We’ll be learning how to cultivate the fruit that God desires for us.  When’s the last time you thought about the fruit of the spirit?  You know…love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  Are some of these easy for you, while others are a constant struggle?  I can relate!  Thankfully, we don’t have to work on these on our own.  In fact, God desires that we turn to Him and let Him cultivate the fruit in us.

With summer just beginning, there are many opportunities to demonstrate the fruit of the spirit, especially joy, kindness and goodness.  Here are some ideas:

  • purchase a grocery store gift card, place it in an envelope, and put it in someone’s mailbox
  • offer to tutor a child during the summer months
  • hold the door open for someone and wish them a good day
  • make a sunshine basket and leave it at someone’s doorstep
  • if you have extra produce from your garden, bless someone with it
  • stop at a lemonade stand and leave a tip
  • invite the neighborhood kids over to work on crafts (with parent permission of course)
  • visit a shut-in
  • send a “thinking of you” card to someone
  • take popsicles or some other refreshing treat to your doctor’s office
  • provide cold bottles of water to outdoor workers
  • give a carnation to the drive-in employee next time you stop at McDonalds
  • hold a movie night for kids who might not be able to go to the movies
  • next time you head out of town to do some shopping, invite someone who doesn’t have transportation to go along with you
  • pay for someone’s meal at a restaurant
  • compliment someone
  • ask someone how he/she is doing and REALLY listen to their response
  • return someone’s shopping cart for them
  • help someone with their garden
  • host a game night
  • invite the neighbors over for a cookout

So how about it?  Can you put one of these ideas into action this summer and be a blessing to someone?  In fact, I would encourage you to ask God each morning, how He would have you be a blessing to someone else that day.

What other ideas can you think of that demonstrate being the hands and feet of Jesus?

Hope to see you at CrossTown Alliance for “On the Farm”, July 5th – Aug. 30th.

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