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Roots Parents Need To Know – January 2016

We have a very exciting semester being kicked off, and I am stoked to get it started. We want to keep the parents of the root students informed, so here are the Need to Knows for January 2016:

January 10th: Parent Meeting. It would greatly benefit you, your students, and the youth leaders at roots if you would please come to the parent meeting.

January 15th – 17th: 2016 Roots Semester Begins @ Snow Camp! Please let Eber Kinne or Gordon Arber know as soon as possible if your students are coming to Snow Camp which is due at the Parent Meeting on the 10th.

January 24th: We will be back to our normal schedule and we are on the final week of studying The Law and the Prophets. We are also launching the B.A.R.F. program which we will discuss at the parent meeting on January 10th.

January 31st:  Do you want to know how your Student(s) can play an important role in God’s plan for the church? By taking the necessary actions to grow in their own faith and serve in their own churches your students can discover a depth of biblical understanding by examining the birth, life, and resurrection of Jesus, and God’s plan for the church.
Have your Student(s) join us as we will be starting a new 4 week series: A Fresh New Look at the New Testament: Jesus’ Birth (Luke 2:1-20)

The New Testament continues God’s story of salvation that began in the Old Testament, this time including us—the church—as part of the cast of characters. The church is God’s primary plan for showing and telling others about his love throughout the world. And our responsibility as the church is to focus on and follow the foundation of the church: Jesus Christ. Because of the primacy of Jesus, we could teach teenagers for years on the person, deity, humanity, life, miracles, messages, teachings, questions, and relationships of Jesus. In this particular series, we will spend four weeks on Jesus and will focus on his birth, his life, his resurrection, and his church—key components of New Testament history, the heart and hub of the church, and the hope for our world.

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