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Mission Moment—February 2016

CrossTown Alliance Mission Team:

-Arcade: Elaine Propert, Savannah Ressler.
-Olean: Andy Hall and Eber Kinne
-Wellsville: Carol Bush, Mary Lewis, Mike Dixon and Fran Merry

Mark and Kathy EikostMission project for February:
Young Couple Retreat at the seaside: The Eikosts and their Colleagues are organizing a young couple retreat in March. They need sponsors for these couples and CrossTown Alliance has offered to sponsor 3 couples, one per campus, at $250 per couple.They are newlyweds and it will help them get off to a strong start in their marriage. All the couples are from local churches. If there is enough founds, it will be open for them to invite an unsaved couple to join them.

Here are the 3 couples we have decided to sponsor:

Mirela and AlbinArcade:
Mirela and Albin. They are involved with student ministry here in Sarajevo. They both grew up in Sarajevo and experienced the war here as adolescents. Mirela sings with me on the worship team and Albin is our church bookkeeper. We would love to see them grow into strong leaders for the Bosnian church.


Jasko and VirginiaOlean:
Virginia and Jasko. They live in Sanski Most, in the north of Bosnia. They are pretty far from other churches and have few opportunities for fellowship. They were helping with a church plant that folded two years ago. They have been trying to get a small business off the ground but have not yet had much success.


Eldina and PeroWellsville:
Eldina and Pero. They have both trained for ministry and are trying to get a youth work off the ground in Tuzla. Pero’s job fell through when his partner cleaned out the company’s assets and left the country. Eldina’s home church is helping them out as much as they can until they get on their feet.

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