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Hang Out With God

This week we are starting  a new series that can help teenagers develop “HABITS” for personal spiritual growth. Each week, we will be focusing on a different letter from the acronym HABITS. Our focus this week will be “H,” which stands for “Hang Out With God.” In Psalm 1, the psalmist contrasts the way of the wicked with the way of the righteous. The wicked person progressively falls into deeper and deeper sin, while the righteous one enjoys a blessed life. The righteous person is like a tree planted by a stream of water that doesn’t wither and produces fruit. Fruit is the result or byproduct of reading, meditating, and applying God’s truths to our lives.

Join us Sunday Nights for Roots @ the Wellsville Campus

Middle School (5th-7th grade): 5:45-7:15PM

High School (8th–12th grade): 7:30-9:00 PM

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