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Important LAN Party Information Including Free Pizza

We are really excited to have the LAN party on Saturday. There has been some changes however. We need to move the LAN party to 9:00AM – 12:30PM!


What is a LAN Party?

The word LAN stands for Local Area Network.


What to Expect:

What that essentially means for at a typical LAN party, everyone brings a laptop or desktop in sets up and we play a bunch of video games. However, our LAN party is a little different. Yes, everyone who is able to bring in a machine should. (The more the merrier). If you don’t have a computer to bring, don’t sweat it. There will be machines here also, but you will have to wait your turn.

We have a bunch of video games lined up to play on the PC as well as some xbox 360s to play around on. We have a fairly large collection of board games that you probably have never even heard of; from pandemic to settlers of catan to small world. Don’t let the name of the game scare you away, if you want to know how to play, we would love to sit down with you and teach you!

If we have enough guns and ammo we will be playing some nerf war games.


Prep Work: (If you bring a computer)

Please download the following completely FREE games before coming to the LAN party to minimize the downtime.

Team Fortress 2 (

Heroes of the Storm (

Dungeonland (


What to Bring:

Please bring all of your laptops/pcs with the preloaded games on it.

A Mouse and keyboard (Trackpads don’t work to game with)

Headphones; No-one wants to listen to the sound coming from your computer while they have theirs on.

Please bring a snack to share. While there will be pizza and drinks, snacks are always fun to eat while gaming.

Bring all of your nerf guns and ammo. We don’t have very many here so make sure you are stocked and loaded. We need them to play Nerf Wars!

Bring Friends!


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