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Need to Know for the week of June 26th

Don’t forget to sign up your child for Hero Headquarters. This year’s VBS is June 26th—29th from 5:30–8:00 PM at each campus. You can register after church on our paper sign in sheets or register at the door tonight at VBS. It is never too late to invite and bring someone. If you are going away for the weekend and your child can not make VBS every day, that is ok. Please join us when you can. We encourage you to do whatever you can, to let as many people as possible know about VBS, because you never know whose life it will impact.…Its not about a week, its about an eternity!

Sunday July 3rd, Make plans to join us to hear the kids sing for our worship service. We will also be showing a video to recap what God did at VBS. 


We are very proud of your accomplishment and will be praying for you in all future endeavors.

From our Wellsville Campus: 
Peyton Keib 
Samantha Hennessy 
Dakota Whitesell
 Daniel Fuller
 Alayna Grastorf 
Brittany Childs 
Morgan Choate 
Loren Slavin

From Olean: 
Mykayla Boll
Jayce Freeborn 
Connor Nolan

 From Arcade: 
Dylan Atwater 
Bonnie Thaine

If you were not here last week, Pastor Jeremy announced that he will be taking a sabbatical from July 1st—August 15th. A sabbatical is not a long vacation, but rather an extended time away from the daily grind of ministry to focus on study and personal growth. This is something that we offer all of our licensed and ordained pastors, once every seven years. During his sabbatical he will be spending extended periods of time reading, writing and praying.  Pastor Jeremy will also have the opportunity to visit with other multi-site churches and leaders and bring back to CrossTown what he’s learned. While he is gone, we will have the privilege of hearing sermons from the other campus pastors, as we finish up our ‘suit up’ series, and start a new series in August called, “Don’t Waste Your Life”.

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