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Want To Read Through The Bible This Year?

Hey CrossTown it’s the new year! What a great opportunity to make a plan and read through the Bible! There are lots of ways to do it. Here are a couple options.

1 – Use a reading plan.

The M’Cheyne reading plan (download the pdf) has you reading 4 chapters a day from 4 different locations in the Bible. If you stick to this plan, you will read all of the Old Testament once, and all of the New Testament and Psalms twice in the course of a year. January 1st gives you four new beginnings: Creation (Gen 1), Israel after the exile (Ezra 1), the Gospel of God’s salvation (Matt 1), and the Church (Acts 1). If this volume of reading overwhelms you, consider reading just 1 or 2 of the four columns. Or take a look at the plan below.

The Discipleship Journal plan (download the pdf) takes you through all of the New Testament in a year. The average reader can read through the entire New Testament spending just 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

2 – Download and use the Youversion App on your phone.

3 – Or use this “No Plan” Plan, checklist! …This is what I’m doing this year (download the pdf). This way if you miss a day, or a week… you don’t have to feel overwhelmed that you will never catch up. Just keep plugging away and get into God’s word!

Here’s a couple great ways to accomplish your Bible reading goals for 2017. No matter what you do, if you get into God’s word, you win! So set your alarm for a couple minutes early tomorrow and get started.

Spend some time in prayer, ask God to speak to you through his word. Read and pray. Pray and read. You will be glad you did.

Let’s read God’s word together!
— Pastor Andy

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