Summer of Psalms, pt 7 – “Dig a Little Deeper” (Psalm 84)

Do we really believe that better is one day with God than a thousand days elsewhere? Do we really believe that His blessings are better than all this world has to offer? If so then why isn’t that belief making more of a noticeable difference in our lives? And why does our relationship with God sometimes feel distant and dry? Watch or listen to this message as pastor Jeremy shares from Psalm 84, and helps us discover that while it may feel that God is not working in your life; while it may feel that you’re journeying through a barren land; if you would just dig a little deeper, you’d find streams of living water. God wants to do immeasurably more in and through you, but before He does so, He may ask immeasurably more of you. Are you ready for part 7 of Summer of Psalms? Are you ready to “Dig a Little Deeper”?

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