For many, when we think of large Christmas Trees, the famous New York’s Rockefeller Center Christmas tree immediately comes to mind.  However there is a much bigger one that exists in an Idaho resort called Coeur d’Alene.  It just so happens to be the world’s tallest Christmas tree standing at 162 feet tall.  Every year it gets decorated with some 30,000-40,000 LED lights and a 10-foot star to top it off.  To light this all it requires an extension cord that runs about 2 miles long.  I like to see Clark Griswold try to fit this in his house!


The humorous thing is we rearrange our entire living room and house to squeeze in a small 6-foot tree.  We attempt to make room for all our Christmas decorations but forget to make room in our lives for Jesus Christ.  We must not forget to make room for Jesus.

So, to make sure you and your whole family capture the most meaning out of Christmas, we invite you to join us for a community-wide service to remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Through a powerful message, familiar music sung with family & friends, and a candle lighting moment that will capture your imagination, it is sure to be a wonderful celebration you won’t want to miss.


You’re invited to attend one of our services at either location…

Arcade Campus: 7:00 PM (7833 Liberty St. Rt 98 Arcade, NY 14009)

Olean Campus: 6:00 & 7:30 PM (1513 Main St. Olean, NY 14760)

Wellsville Campus: 6:00 & 7:30 PM (450 N. Highland Ave. Wellsville, NY 14895)


Check out these awesome videos from last year’s Christmas Eve Service: