An Unexpected Gift From An Unexpected Visitor

December 24, 2016 | Jeremy Gorham

“An Unexpected Gift from an Unexpected Visitor”…not a bad way to describe what happened at the manger scene over 2,000 years ago. Matthew 1:23 tells us that one of Jesus’ names was to be Immanuel, which means ‘God with us’–That name, and more importantly the meaning of that name, would have been the most unexpected thing for these Jewish people to hear. Sure there were prophesies foretelling the birth of Christ, but a lot of time had passed and the Messiah still hadn’t come and so for most people, they would have not been prepared for this unexpected gift. And here we are some 2,000 yrs later finding ourselves in a very similar position as God’s people waiting for Jesus to come again. we can and should celebrate Jesus’ birth at Christmas time, but we also anticipate His return. And that’s how it should be b/c the birth of Jesus should always be connected to the return of Jesus.