You’ve got questions, we don’t have all the answers, but we’ll do our best to answer them.  Here are a few of the common ones we get…

What is a Multi-Site church?  

A multi-site church is one church that meets in multiple locations.  In our case, we are one church (one vision, one budget, one staff, one bylaw, one philosophy of ministry) that meets in multiple locations (Arcade, Olean and Wellsville).  Instead of trying to plant another church we (Wellsville) decided that partnering with a struggling church in Olean and then Arcade was the best way to spread the love of Jesus Christ in our region.

Logistically, the preaching is done by video at one location and live at another.  The praise and worship is live at each location.  There are also leaders/elders at each location including a campus pastor to help provide care and leadership.

Where is the church?

Arcade Campus: 
7833 Liberty St. (Rt. 98)
Arcade, NY 14009

Olean Campus: 
1513 N. Main St.
Olean, NY14760

Wellsville Campus:
450 N. Highland Avenue
Wellsville, NY 14895
(Located behind the Kmart plaza)

What do I wear?

We are a very casual church, so just wear what’s comfortable. Even jeans and a t-shirt are fine with us.

What is there for my child? 

Kidzone is our Sunday morning program. It is offered during our worship service for birth through 4th grade.  Our program runs the same time as our main adult worship service.  Kidzone is designed with each individual child in mind.  Each child is taught in an age-appropriate environment.  Each of our Kidzone leaders has been through an extensive training process and has been screened to work with your child.  From loving care in the nursery to awesome fun in our Kidzone area your child will be cared for in a safe, loving and encouraging environment.

Will I need something to write on?

Nope. We will supply you with a pen and a notepad with a place to take notes on.