What does success look like in this ministry? 

In a successful children’s ministry, kids and families would be excited to participate in safe, age appropriate programs that empower them to find and follow Jesus.

What tasks does this ministry perform? 

There are several ways you can serve in our children’s ministry.

– Provide care in the baby or toddler nursery

– Lead a Kidzone small group

– Assist a KidZone small group leaders

– Schedule volunteers (scheduling coordinator)

– Print and organize curriculum (curriculum coordinator)

– Organize classrooms and craft supplies

If someone wanted to participate in this ministry, what are they committing to? 

Nursery Workers, Small Group Leaders and Helpers: 

A person would first need to be SafePlace approved.  Once approved, he or she would be placed on a once a month schedule.  The day you are scheduled, you’ll need to be in your assigned room 20 minutes prior to the start of the service.  You will serve the full length of the worship service and until parents come to pick up their kids.  Small Group Leaders will also need to spend time going over their lessons and crafts prior to their scheduled date.  If for some reason you’re not able to serve on your assigned date, it is your responsibility to find a sub (contact information is on the back of the schedule provided to you).

Other information about this ministry:  

From time to time we are in need of volunteers to provide nursery coverage during small groups and/or special events.  If you’re not able to help out regularly but would be willing to help out with certain special events, please let us know.

Leaders of this ministry (and who to contact to join this ministry):

Arcade Campus: Rhonda Smith / 716-260-3470

Olean Campus: Eber Kinne / 716-801-1573

Wellsville Campus: Kim Walsh (Kidzone) / 585-610-6524

If the leader is unavailable (sickness, vacation), who is the next person who takes over the leadership of this ministry? 

Arcade Campus: Pastor Stu Burton / 716-353-0237

Olean Campus: Pastor Andy Hall / 716-397-9800

Wellsville Campus: Pastor Jon Schink / 716-790-9117