What does success look like in this ministry?

Worship lyrics and sermon points/scriptures are put on the screens with accurate timing.

What tasks does this ministry perform?

Sunday morning run the presentation software for worship and the message.  We currently use ProPresenter.

If someone wanted to participate in this ministry, what are they committing to?

– Serve on a rotational bases on Sunday mornings an hour and a half before the first service and if there is a second service being willing to stay to the end of the second service.

– It is also encouraged that you would attend the worship practice during the week at the specific campuses.

Other information about this ministry: 

Sometimes there is a need for someone to run ProPresenter for funerals, weddings, SURF, etc.

Leader of this ministry and how to contact them to help:

Arcade Campus: Nathan Whitney at stayaliveforever7@gmail.com or 716-258-2812

Olean Campus: Chris Anderson at canderson41@gmail.com or 716-904-1208

Wellsville Campus: Gordon Arber at gordon.arber@gmail.com or 585-808-8507


If the leader is unavailable (sickness, vacation), who is the next person who takes over the leadership of this ministry? 

Arcade Campus: Pastor Stu Burton at stu4buton@gmail.com or 716-353-0237

Olean Campus: Pastor Andy Hall at achall@crosstownalliance.com or 716-397-9800

Wellsville Campus: Pastor Jon Schink at jon.schink@gmail.com or 716-790-9117