What does success look like in this ministry?

A successful greeter ministry creates a welcoming environment, whether it is holding an umbrella on a rainy day or assisting the elderly on a cold wintery day; it goes above and beyond to serve people as they arrive.

What tasks does this ministry perform?

– Volunteers welcome people as they enter the building.

– Preparing the building for guests and making sure things are not out of place.

– Assisting people from their cars to the building with umbrellas when needed.

– Greeters will answer questions that people might have about the building and or ministries.

– For first time guests, greeters will explain our children’s ministry and offer to show the KidZone area or our nurseries.

If someone wanted to participate in this ministry, what are they committing to?

– Serve on a rotational basis.

– Arrive promptly 30 minutes before each service.

Other information about this ministry:

Volunteers are able to serve others with a smile and positive attitude, desiring to create an environment for connecting people at CrossTown.

Leader of this ministry and who to contact to join:

Arcade Campus: Russ MacNeil at  russmbliss@hughes.net or 716-353-1842

Olean Campus: Mark Suain at nort99@yahoo.com or 716-307-0070

Wellsville Campus:  Lanny Wesche at cherylwesche@yahoo.com or 585-593-1955