What does success look like in this ministry?

A successful hospitality ministry is where one would experience a clean comfortable environment to enjoy a hot or cold beverage and a snack.

What tasks does this ministry perform?

– Provide coffee, tea and variety of cold drinks, and light breakfast on Sunday mornings.

– Wipe down tables/counters at the end of service.

– Remove trash.

– Restock cups, napkins and other supplies as needed.

If someone wanted to participate in this ministry, what are they committing to?

– Serve on a rotational bases

– Arrive an hour and a half before Sunday morning service the days you are scheduled.

Other information about this ministry: 

Able to serve others with a smile and positive attitude. Wanting to create an environment for connecting guests of CrossTown.

Leader of this ministry and how to contact them to help:

Arcade Campus: Amy Burton at amerjo11@gmail.com or 716-353-0236

Olean Campus: Cheryl Childs at cheryl_childs@yahoo.com or 585-209-8013

Wellsville Campus: Mary Roath at m_roath@yahoo.com or 979-595-3563