What does success look like in this ministry?

A successful lawn mowing ministry would be one where lawns are kept cut and trimmed.

What tasks does this ministry perform?

– Mow church property lawn

– Trim along the sidewalks

If someone wanted to participate in this ministry, what are they committing to?

Person would need to be available to be part of a rotational schedule.  This looks different for every campus.  Contact the leader of this ministry (see below) to find out the schedule.

Other information about this ministry: 

At this time not all of the campuses have riding lawn mowers.  Ask the leader of this ministry if one is needed to help.  If able to, volunteers are asked to bring their own push mower and weed trimmer.  CrossTown will provide fuel.

Leader of this ministry and how to contact them to help:

Arcade Campus: Dale Neudeck at dneudeck@roadrunner.com or 716-492-1108

Olean Campus: Mark Levine at mark.tash.levine@gmail.com or 585-209-5511

Wellsville Campus: Randy White at whitie1949@gmail.com or 585-610-5309