What does success look like in this ministry?  

A successful nursery ministry is one in which volunteers are SafePlace approved and parents feel good about leaving their little ones in someone else’s care.

What tasks does this ministry perform?

– Volunteer in the toddler or baby nursery

– Interact with the toddlers/babies by playing games, listening to music, putting puzzles together, etc.

– Change diapers when necessary

If someone wanted to participate in this ministry, what are they committing to?

Serve on a rotational basis.

Other information about this ministry: 

Sometimes there is a need for volunteers during special services and events.

Leader of this ministry and how to contact them if you want to help:

Arcade Campus: Rhonda Smith at rhondajer924@gmail.com or 716-260-3470

Olean Campus: Eber Kinne at edkinen6@gmail.com or 716-801-1573

Wellsville Campus: Lynn Orton  at JMLL384@roadrunner.com or 585-610-0974

If the leader is unavailable (sickness, vacation), who is the next person who takes over the leadership of this ministry?

Arcade Campus: Pastor Stu Burton at stu4burton@gmail.com or 716-353-0237

Olean Campus: Pastor Andy Hall at achall@crosstownalliance.com or 716-397-9800

Wellsville Campus: Pastor Jon Schink at jon.schink@gmail.com or 716-790-9117