What does success look like in this ministry? 

A successful office assistance ministry is one in which volunteers help with certain tasks that will free up the administrative assistant to accomplish other work that needs to be done.

What tasks does this ministry perform?

– Cut and stuff bulletins and connection cards

– Type up information from the connection cards

– Compile packets

– Address envelopes

– Help with some of the preparation of the Servant Evangelism Projects

If someone wanted to participate in this ministry, what are they committing to?

If a person is available to help out once a week, then he/she would commit to a specific day/time each week and would be given specific tasks to do.  Some volunteers come when needed which is usually once or twice a month.

Leader of this ministry and how to contact them:

Becci Loeb at info@crosstownalliance.com or 585-593-5882