What does success look like in this ministry? 

A successful outreach team is one in which Outreach Projects are well planned and executed.

 What tasks does this ministry perform?

– Plan outreach projects for the year

– Help with the details of each outreach project

– Help promote outreach projects

– Participate in as many outreach projects as possible

If someone wanted to participate in this ministry, what are they committing to?

The outreach team meets a few times per year depending on when a particular outreach is conducted.  Team members are encouraged to help out with as many outreach projects as possible.

Leader of this ministry and person to contact if you want to help:

Pastor Jeremy Gorham at jgorham34@gmail.com or 585-808-4781

If the leader is unavailable (sickness, vacation), who is the next person who takes over the leadership of this ministry?

Arcade Campus Pastor: Stu Burton at stu4racing@gmail.com or 716-353-0237

Olean Campus Pastor: Pastor Andy Hall at ahall@crosstownalliance.com or 716-397-9800

Wellsville Campus Pastor: Pastor Jon Schink at jon.schink@gmail.com or 716-790-9117