What does success look like in this ministry? 

A successful prayer ministry is one in which prayer is an integral part of all ministries of the church

What tasks does this ministry perform?

– Provides a weekly prayer sheet with requests shared on the connection card

– Sends out prayer requests via email and phone tree

– Helps with the planning of special prayer meetings

If someone wanted to participate in this ministry, what are they committing to?

– If someone is interested in typing the prayer sheet, this would need to be done on Sundays.

– If you want to be a part of the email or phone prayer chain, contact Fran Merry or the church office.

Leader of this ministry:

Fran Merry at francoise.merry@gmail.com

Contact person & info to join this ministry:

Fran Merry at francoise.merry@gmail.com or 585-593-4716