What does success look like in this ministry? 

A successful small group ministry is one where people are meeting together to apply the bible to their lives, build relationships, and care for one another.

 What tasks does this ministry perform?

– A small group host would open his/her home as a place for one of the small groups to meet.  There would need to be enough space to accommodate an average of 10-12 people.

– Small group leaders facilitate the meetings by welcoming people, showing a DVD (if applicable), leading discussion and having a time of prayer.

If someone wanted to participate in this ministry, what are they committing to?

Small groups are held for about 12 weeks beginning in September and again in February.  You would be committing for the full semester.

 Other information about this ministry: 

Some small groups are held at the church rather than someone’s home.

Leader of this ministry and how to contact them if interested in helping:

Arcade Campus: Pastor Stu Burton  at stu4burton@gmail.com or 716-353-0237

Olean Campus: Pastor Andy Hall  at andrewcarterhall@gmail.com or 716-397-9800

Wellsville Campus: Pastor Jon Schink at jon.schink@gmail.com or 716-790-9117