Interested in serving?  Want to use your gifts to help others?  At CrossTown we encourage people to serve in one of two ways: serve in an area where you are needed OR serve in an area where you are gifted. Cleaning toilets is not a spiritual gift, but aren’t you grateful that someone is willing to serve the church in that capacity?!  So, whether it’s something you do behind the scenes that no one notices or something that benefits others on Sunday morning, we would love to get you plugged into what God is doing through CrossTown.

We believe saved people serve people and so check out the ministries below and get involved.

Click on the pictures below to learn more about that specific ministry:

  Children’s Ministry 
 Cleaning Crew 
  Decorating Team 

  Kitchen Crew

  Missions Team
  Office Assistance 

  Outreach Team 
  PowerPoint Ministry
  Prayer Ministry 

  Small Group Host/Leader 
  Sound Tech 
  Student Ministry 

  Usher Ministry
  Worship Ministry 

  Lawn Mowing