We are CrossTown Alliance… a multi-site church located in Arcade, Olean, and Wellsville NY.  This section of our website will give you an overview of what we are committed to and how we are committed to doing it.  Click on each bar to find out more…

To lead people to discoverdevelop, and display full devotion to Jesus Christ.

Our Vision is also our process… it’s our strategy for helping people become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. See below:

Our Process

We are intentional about creating environments that lead people to . . .

Discover – Discover what it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ through our inspiring worship service: A place where there is uplifting and inspiring music, biblical, practical and relevant messages, memorable illustrations, along with media and drama… all creating an environment where people (unbelievers and believers) are excited to come to church.

Develop – Develop meaningful relationships while growing towards Christ-like maturity through small groups. A place where you can be challenged to grow in your faith as a believer. A place where you can find support for whatever you or your family is going through.  Maybe it’s an illness in the family, loss of a job, or depression, or maybe it’s just that you need some help with meals because you have just experienced the blessing of a new baby. Whatever the situation, you will find the support you need in a small group.

Display – Displaying our faith to the community through servant evangelism projects and ministry teams where you will be able to invest in and invite others to walk through the process themselves.

We’re convinced that when our church focuses on these three things not only will we see people become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, we believe we’ll see:

A church where . . . unchurched people enjoy coming to church and where Christians feel comfortable bringing their unchurched friends to church.

A church where . . . the music is relevant and done with excellence.  Where the sermons are always biblical, practical, and relevant.  Where media, drama, and visuals are used to speak God’s message in an irresistibly compelling way.

A church where . . . every member is a minister that uses his/her gifts to make a difference.

A church where . . . people meet in small groups at homes throughout our community and at our church where they study the Bible and share their lives with one another.

A church where . . . the children’s ministry is the best hour of a child’s week because of the fun and love they experience.

A church where . . . the student ministry reaches hundreds of teenagers for Christ and accepts and loves them the way Jesus does.

A church where . . . the older people of our community are not marginalized but are valued and are treated as indispensable for the future success of the church

A church where . . . our members are driven by God’s vision and not by tradition.  A church where we are bold and innovative in doing whatever it takes to advance God’s kingdom.

Check out last year’s “year in review” video to see the vision in motion: