THE CLOCK - This superhero’s name comes from his/her ability to distort time. He/she can speed time up, pause it, and slow it down. While this comes in handy on those Monday mornings that The Clock doesn’t want to go to school, it also helps him/her defeat villains by speeding up his/her punches and slowing theirs down. Of course, along with superpowers comes a superhero suit, and The Clock’s most important asset -- his/her watch, which is how he/she goes about changing time (and communicates with Iris). The name also comes from his/her ability to really CLOCK his/her opponents. His/her fists have been supercharged with electromagnetic energy and are virtually indestructible. In normal, everyday life, The Clock lives as John/Jane Smith, an average citizen going about an ordinary life. But when the world needs saving, The Clock comes to its rescue. And although his/her best friend Sid somehow keeps forgetting after all these years, it’s NEVER just “Clock.” It is always “THE Clock.” The Clock is also very prideful about his/her superpowers, taking all the credit and constantly bragging about his/her abilities.

SID - The most normal of all normal. Sid sometimes feels inferior in the presence of his/her best friend, The Clock. Sid has gotten somewhat used to The Clock messing with time over the past five years of being best friends, but it still catches him/her off guard when it happens. One thing Sid DOES have is the largest collection of superhero comics, TV shows, and movies. Sid can remember any situation that any hero has faced. This sometimes helps The Clock when he/she doesn’t know what to do. Sid is a good and loyal friend, grounded in truth. Sid keeps The Clock’s secret identity quiet, which is difficult because Sid is the most talkative person you’ve ever met. He/she will talk your ear off...then once your ear falls off, he/she will keep talking to it. Sid is friendly toward everyone, but gets very overwhelmed when in a crowd of more than 10-20. Sid recently found out that this is called agoraphobia - the fear of large crowds. So he/she added that to the list of other phobias he/she has - claustrophobia and acrophobia.

IRIS - Incredibly smart analyst for superheroes. She helps the superheroes locate the most recent crisis, navigate their routes, sift through villain profiles, and upload data based on the situation the heroes are in. Iris has the superpower of reading minds, which helps her find a superhero anytime she needs, and answer their questions before they even have them! Iris is calm and patient, never getting stressed out by the situation.