Here is where it all started for CrossTown.  Located behind the Tops/Kmart plaza and across the street from Steuben Trust Bank on N. Highland.

In 2009, with a dwindling congregation and the reality of closing our doors in sight, God led Pastor Jeremy and his family from Katy, Texas to become our senior pastor.  We were known as the Wellsville Alliance Church back then.  By 2010, the congregation had quickly doubled in size.  By His grace, we have seen many people become Christians and go public with their faith through baptism.

In 2012, God led our church to help another struggling congregation in Olean, NY.  We renovated the building and in 2013 launched our first multi-site campus.

The Wellsville campus is unique in the fact that it’s our most age-diverse campus. We love being a church with all generations accounted for.  We believe, you are never too young to become who God created you to be and you are never too old to become what you might have been.  This core value (or what we like to call, our DNA) is most clearly seen at our Wellsville Campus.

CrossTown Wellsville